Bala Extract

by Shinjini Guha January 01, 2021

Bala Extract

Bala Extract 

Scientific name:Sida Cordifolia, Ayurvedaname:Bala 

Commonly referred to as ‘country mallow’, this herb is a popular ingredient inAyurvedaoils and medicines. TheAyurvedaname for country mallow isbalawhich means ‘strength’, encapsulating the most significant property of this herb.Balaneeds a humid climate to grow so it is grown in places like India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. In India, this herb is commonly found in various parts of Rajasthan. Available in the form of extracts and oils, this herb is popular for its ability to improve bodily strength, especially bones and joints. This herb’s root is the most used part of the plant.

Benefits of usingbala:

  • Veeryais a quality that is often used to describebala. This refers to the herb’s property to immunise the body against common cold and cough. 
  • The imbalance indoshais one of the primary reasons for illnesses, according toAyurveda. Consuming this herb helps balance all threedosha, especiallyvata and aids in preventing sickness. 
  • Using oils infused with this herb makes skin healthier and adds to its glow. This property is referred to askantivardhakainAyurveda
  • Raktapittaharais another quality attributed to this herb which refers to the herb’s ability to cure bleeding disorders like anemia and hemophilia. 
  • The overall immunity of the body can be improved by consuming this herb on a regular basis. 
  • If a person is suffering from digestion issues due topittaimbalance, especially diarrhea, consumingbalawill provide relief. 
  • How canbalabe used?

    For direct consumption, this herb is available in the forms of extracts and powders. While using the extract, it is advised to mix it with water and a maximum of 20 ml can be consumed daily. 

    The powder, on the other hand, can be mixed with water or honey for ease of consumption and a maximum of 6 grams can be ingested daily. However, in both the cases, it is advised to break the dosage into smaller parts to be consumed throughout the day. 

    External application of this herb can be done after a paste of the herb is made along with water. This helps in preventing aches and inflammation, especially in joints. 

    Side effects:

    The herb does not cause drastic side effects if one is not allergic to it. However,balais banned in USA due to the presence of ephedrine, a chemical that is used during spinal anesthesia. The presence of this chemical is miniscule and will not cause major problems upon usage. If consumed beyond the recommended dose, it may case dizziness and nausea in some people. To be on the safer side, it is always advisable for people to consult their physicians before using this herb, especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. 

    Shinjini Guha
    Shinjini Guha

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