Boosting Immunity through Ayurveda during COVID-19

by Shinjini Guha January 01, 2021

Boosting Immunity through Ayurveda during COVID-19

Tips from an ancient Indian science to surviving the pandemic

A pandemic disrupts any form of normalcy in the world and our lives. Our bodies and minds must cope with the changes, and it can become overwhelming at times. While we can take up meditation or therapy to calm our racing minds, our bodies must be able to defend itself against the coronavirus. While scientists are trying to find a vaccine for the virus, the onus is on us to ensure that our immunity levels are high to prevent being infected. 

The core idea ofAyurvedais to prevent an illness rather than cure it and it is only fitting to look back to this science for suggestions to avoid COVID-19. While immunity can be improved followingAyurveda’s tenets, it is important to realize that this is not a cure for the disease and if you are exhibiting symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, it is always advisable to see a doctor. 

The measures suggested byAyurvedaare simple and require ingredients that are available in our kitchens. These techniques are simple and can be easily incorporated into our daily life without making any drastic changes. Apart from improving immunity, the following guidelines will also better your respiratory health.

Ayurvedatips to boost immunity:

  • Use of spices like turmeric, coriander, turmeric, and cumin in cooking. These spices are known for their medical benefits and can prevent common colds and related infections. 
  • Consuming a tablespoon ofchyavanprashevery morning.Chyavanprashis a mixture of cookedamla(gooseberry), honey, sugar, sesame oil and, various spices that is eaten for improved immunity. It is available in most grocery stores. 
  • Herbal tea made oftulsi(basil),kalimirchi(black pepper),shunthi(dried ginger), anddalchini(cinnamon) can be consumed twice a day. Regular sugar can be replaced by jaggery if needed. 
  • Tumeric milk (half a spoon of turmeric powder for 150 ml of milk) can be consumed twice a day. 
  • Pratimarsh Nasya– application of sesame oil/ghee/coconut oil inside the nostrils – can be practiced every morning and night. 
  • Oil pulling can be done every morning. This procedure involves gargling one tablespoon of coconut or sesame oil for two to three minutes before spitting and rinsing with warm water. 
  • Tips to prevent throat-related infections:

  • Add mint leaves or caraway (ajwain)seeds in boiling water and inhale the steam, once a day. This will provide relief from sore throats. 
  • Powdered clove mixed honey can be consumed two or three times a day to prevent dry cough. 
  • Following these measures can improve one’s immunity drastically and cure sore throats and coughs. The benefits reaped from following these practices regularly can be witnessed even after the pandemic. During these trying times, we ought to fall back on this ancient science that has been evolving over centuries for relief and embrace it to lead healthier and disease-free lives. 

    Shinjini Guha
    Shinjini Guha

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