How to Manage Dandruff in Winters

by Ananya Gupta January 28, 2022

How to Manage Dandruff in Winters

Dandruff on the scalp is very common for winters. The dry and rough weather of this season along with the lack of sunlight are major reasons for the increasing dandruff. 

To treat this issue it's important to take care of the scalp the same as you would for other parts of skin. Keeping it hydrated and moisturized. 

Some very simple home remedies and ingredients can help you to keep your dandruff in check and keep the scalp smooth 

  • Dahi or yogurt is suitable for all types of hair and its anti-inflammatory and cooling propertieshelps a lot with dandruff and keeping the scalp moisturized. Itcan also be mixed with other ingredients like coconut oil or papaya to make a hair mask. 
  • Lemon fights dandruff naturally by maintaining the PH of the scalp. Making a hair mask using aloe vera and lemon can prove to be very effective for the overall hair and scalp health. 
  • Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce dandruff. Mixing tea tree with other hair oils and body oils does not only help with keeping the dandruff at bay but its antimicrobial properties help fight all kinds of skin allergies and infections?
  • Coconut oil improves skin hydration and reduces dryness. It can be used as it is or mixed with other essential oils, aloe vera or lemon to fight dandruff. 
  • Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can reduce inflammation and decrease dandruff. Aloe vera can also be used as the main ingredient for various diy hair masks. 


Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta

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