Sesame Oil

by Shinjini Guha January 03, 2021

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

Scientific name: Sesamum Indicum, Ayurveda nameTila taila

Grown in India and parts of Africa, this plant produces the seeds from which the oil is derived. There are two types of sesame seeds:

  • Black sesame 
  • White sesame 

The only difference between the two variants is that black sesame has slightly higher levels of calcium than white sesame. Apart from being used for consumption, sesame oil is also used as a base oil to infuse herbs which are later used for massages and topical applications. 

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Benefits of using tila taila:

  • Ayurveda classifies sesame as pathya, which refers to products that must be used regularly and is a common product incorporated into Indian cuisine as it improves digestion (agni janana). 
  • Sesame oil can be used to heal damaged skin and wounds on regular application (vranashodhana), 
  • Dosha imbalance is the primary reason for illnesses and consuming sesame oil helps to avoid such illnesses by pacifying vata and kapha while increasing pitta
  • Massaging this oil onto babies aids the development of stronger joints and muscles. 
  • For adults, massages using sesame oil helps them relax and prevent sleep-related problems. 

How can sesame oil be used?

Sesame oil is a base oil, which means that it need not be diluted further before application. One of the primary properties of his oil is twachya which means it makes skin healthier and can be used directly on the body for smoother, and more supple skin. Used as the carrier oil during massages, herbs can be infused into sesame oil if necessary. 

If the oil is being used to remove scars, acne, or repair damaged skin, the oil can be rubbed onto those areas with cotton swabs. For better results, it is important to exfoliate those areas so that the oil is absorbed better leading to faster healing. 

Sesame oil is also beneficial for hair (keshya). Applying oil onto the scalp and the ends of the hair results and leaving it on for an hour before washing can make hair healthier. Applying warmer oil to the scalp helps prevent dandruff and strengthens the roots, reducing hair fall. 

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Often used in cooking, sesame oil also acts as a taste enhancer owing to its unique taste that is not found in other oils. One of those oils that are used during oil pulling (gandoosha/kavala) is sesame owing to its antibacterial properties. 

Side effects:

There are no drastic side effects while using sesame oil unless one is allergic to it. However, excessive usage of sesame oil by diabetic patients can result in low blood sugar which is equally harmful. The same applies to low blood pressure as well. Using the oil in moderation will prevent mishaps and ensure that the benefits are availed as well. 

Shinjini Guha
Shinjini Guha

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