Tulsi Extract

by Shinjini Guha January 17, 2021

Tulsi Extract


Scientific name:Ocimum Sanctum, Ayurvedaname:Tulsi 

There is not a person from India who is not familiar with this herb.Tulsiis a household name in India and is revered as holy in Hinduism. Often found in the courtyards of traditionally built houses across India and worshipped. Called Holy Basil in English, this herb is native to India and is found across countries in Southeast Asia. Apart from its cultural significance,Tulsiis also known for its wide array of medicinal benefits ranging from its anti-inflammatory properties to curing common colds and cough. 

TheSanskrittextRaja Nighantumentions two types ofTulsi. They are:

  • Shukla Tusli– the white variety 
  • Krishna Tulsi– the black variety 

Except for the shape and colour of the leaves, there are not many variations between the varieties. 

Revalsar_ayurveda_tulsi extract

Benefits of usingTulsi:

  • The most significant quality ofTulsiis its ability to strengthen the heart and prevent the deposition of cholesterol on arteries. 
  • Kapas Vinashiniis the most primary quality associated with the herb. This refers to the ability ofTulsito balancekapha dosha
  • Eating disorders like anorexia can be prevented by consumingTulsibecause it induces hunger. 
  • Tulsiis said to possess the quality ofagnivardhini which refers to the ability to prevent and cure problems related to digestion and bowel movement. 
  • ChewingTulsileaves helps prevent nausea. 
  • Considered to be one of the best anti-microbial (krumihara) herbs, consumingTulsion a regular basis helps prevent diseases and infections caused by microbes, especially viruses. 
  • Shwasahararefers to the ability to prevent respiratory disorders like asthma and other lung related problems and this quality is associated withTulsi.  
  • Consuming this herb helps reduce the side effects of radiation after chemotherapy in cancer patients. 

    How canTulsibe used?

    Almost all the parts of the plant are used for medicinal purposes, especially the leaves, root, and seed. The herb is available in the form of powders and extracts. Apart from that, the leaves of the plant can be directly consumed after washing it thoroughly. One or two leaves can be consumed at a time. 

    The powder can be consumed after mixing it with honey for added health benefits. Eating this mixture helps prevent common cold and other viral infections. A maximum of 6 grams can be consumed in a day and must be broken up into dosages throughout the day. The extract can be consumed in the form of decoction (kashaya) or juice (mixed with water) and a maximum of 50 to 100 ml can be consumed daily. 

    Revalsar_ayurveda_tulsi extract

    Side effects:

    Due to its ability to induce heat on consumption, long term use by people with highpittais not advisable. Consuming it beyond the recommended limit may cause burning sensation because of the same reason. Ingesting the herb after or along with milk is not recommended as it may cause skin-related problems because milk has a cooling effect whileTulsi is hot in nature. Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and people taking western medicines must consult their physicians before consumingTulsi on a regular basis. 

    Shinjini Guha
    Shinjini Guha

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