9 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow for Yoga and Ayurveda

by Ananya Gupta February 19, 2022

9 Instagram Accounts You Must Follow for Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and ayurveda, ancient sciences that have been present in Indian culture and traditions for centuries, have become popular again.  In present times when more and more people have started to adopt an alternate living of natural and organic health, yoga and ayurveda provide them  with a lifestyle of fulfillment. 

Here are 9 Instagram accounts that will help you to step into the world of yoga and ayurveda.  Follow these accounts and get regular tips and guides to lead a healthy life. 


1. @chhavisahalyoga- Chhavi Sahal

Representing the world of yoga in the most creative of ways and keeping up with all of the instagram trends is what makes this account different from others. Humorous yoga related content and relatable problems all face while teaching and learning yoga is @chhavisahalyoga speciality.

2. @sharankhannayoga - Sharan Khanna 

Her story from a successful corporate job to following her passion of teaching yoga is truly inspiring for all. Her instagram is a beautiful representation of her journey and her growth on this path. If you want to feel inspired and motivated to follow your heart and your passion, follow @sharankhannayoga.

3. @draparna_ayurveda_expert - Dr Aparna Padmanabhan

MD and PHD in ayurveda sciences, you know the tips she is providing are medically right and will be effective. From organic ayurvedic recipes to skin and body care, @draparna_ayurveda_expert provides all kinds of content on her account.

4. @doctorrekha- Dr Rekha Radhamony

Dr Rekha is a 4th generation ayurveda doctor using her instagram and it’s reach to help people live a healthy disease free life without being dependent on medicines.

5. @yogabydiksha - Diksha Lalwani 

A full time film producer turned yoga teacher found her solace, peace and her calling with yoga and meditation. In one of her interviews with us she mentions how meditation is a shower for the mind. Her page for sure represents her thinking of how to keep any negativity away from oneself.

6. @riyaunalomeyoga-  Riya Vyas

Her Journey from working in sports marketing to being a full time yoga teacher and content creator is truly inspiring. Her content is as helpful as it is engaging and entertaining.

7. @drvaralakshmi- Dr Varalakshmi Yanamandra 

Living a life strictly according to the ayurvedic guidelines in these modern times is not easy. That is where @drvaralakshmicomes in, her adaptations of the ayurvedic food guides and dos and don'ts according to the present times really help you live a healthy life that is accessible to you.

8. @divine_yoga_vibes- Madhulika Singh 

Madhulika’s Instagram account showcases such an energy and positivity that you’re drawn towards it, towards yoga. She presents herself with such ease in all those incredible backbends even when you know you’re not there yet there is a voice in you telling you, ‘you can do it’, just get on the mat and you can do it.

9. @revalsar_ayurveda - Revalsar Ayurveda 

Revalsar ayurveda is a community based instagram page that promotes a healthy lifestyle through yoga and ayurveda. 

Building the community on instagram Revalsar’s Sundat Stories segment features people and their journey on the path of yoga and ayurveda.  

Along with this special segment revalsar posts daily yoga and ayurveda related content including food guides, yoga routines, daily quotes, ayurvedic herbs and benefits etc.



Ananya Gupta
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