Adiyogi : Story of Lord Shiva as the First Yogi

by Gargi Harjai November 15, 2021

Adiyogi, story of lord shiva as the first yogi

In yogic terms, shiva isn’t only a god, but he is known as “Adiyogi”, which means the first yogi. He is also known as “Adiguru”, which translates to first teacher, the first yoga teacher. He was the one who put this seed of yoga in the minds of humans and was the originator of yoga.

According to the yogic lore, Lord shiva attained bliss and lost himself in an ecstatic dance in the Himalayas. After the dance, he became completely still and attained a level of unity consciousness. This was observed by people and seven such people were truly enlightened by it.

After 84 years of practice, they were able to learn and became shining receptacles of knowledge. When Lord Shiva saw this kind of growth, he decided to teach them as their guru and gave knowledge about yogic science to these students. This yogic science wasn’t physical postures, but a way to understand the complete mechanics of the human system.

After years of learning these students were finally fully transformed and became sages, today known as “Saptrishis”. These sages are highly looked at in yogic science, students of shiva, each sage had knowledge of different yogic forms and these were the seven different forms of yoga. Even today, these seven distinctions are maintained.

Adiyogi taught us that even human beings can be transformed more than the body, and go beyond the existence as we know.

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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