Animal Sacrifice during Navratras

by Gargi Harjai November 24, 2021

animal sacrifice during navratras

Navratri is not just a simple festival, it is celebrated all over India, with many different rituals. However, one of the most surprising rituals of Navratri is sacrificing animals to offer deities. 

In Hindu religion, sacrificing animals is not common and especially during this religious festival, many people find sacrificing animals’ rituals a hard- to- believe concept. However, this practice happens in different states, in different ways.

In eastern states of India, such as Assam, sacrifice of buffalo is made, which is a symbol for victory of goddess Durga over Buffalo demon (Mahisasur). Mahishasur kept changing his avatar to confuse Durga and finally when he took the avatar of a buffalo Durga killed him with her weapon of Trishul. Thus, this ritual is considered to be an offering for Maa Durga to celebrate her victory.

In Rajasthan, Rajput worships their horses and weapons, however traditionally, they used to make sacrifices of goats. This sacrifice was made to the goddess revered as Kul Devi. This practice is not common anymore, however many people still make sacrifices secretly in Villages.

In this ritual man had to slash the animal with a single blow with their swords to mark their manhood in the society. The offerings don’t end with these states, there are many more states continuing this practice in secret. 

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Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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