Ayurveda for Kids

by Gargi Harjai November 25, 2021

ayurveda for kids

Ayurveda is an art and science of living and offers a lot of wisdom that is applied on children as well as adults. Ayurveda celebrates uniqueness in each and every being, and children are no different when it comes to uniqueness.

All beings are born with a distinct constitution, which is a particular combination of Vata, Kapha and Pitta doshas. According to Ayurveda, one’s prakriti (constitution) is cemented at birth and remains constant over the course of lifetime.

If we understand this constitution in childhood, it can give us an insight into how to support the strengths and weaknesses of a child from an early age. It is also tremendously helpful in the health and wellbeing of a child.

However, for children, dosha’s aren’t the only consideration. We also need to consider that childhood by nature is considered to be the Kapha stage of life. Kapha is directly linked to physical structure and is primary for growth and anabolic processes that occur in childhood.

So, during childhood kapha energy is always going to be present with our unique blend of constitution

· Children with Vata
Children who have vata energy present in their lives are highly creative, energetic and quick-witted. However, they can be prone to sleeplessness, picky food eaters, and restlessness.

Vata children should be allowed to play in the sunshine, and take active part in warm activities. Sweet fruits, and dishes shall be inculcated in their diets.

· Children with Pitta
Children with Pitta energy are more smart, confident and articulate. However, they can have anger outbursts, or frustration. They also have a sharp appetite and generally miss their meals.

Pitta children should avoid activities that can fire them up and try practicing calm activities. They should be served cooling drinks and refreshers.

· Children with Kapha
Children with Kapha energy are steady, focused and compassionate. However, they can be lazy or lethargic. They like to take a deep sleep, and eat well. All children generally have Kapha energy present in them already so one should keep in check to not have too much Kapha energy.

Kapha children should be allowed to play well and inculcate yoga in their lifestyle. Cold food, or too much heavy food should be avoided. Spicy foods would be better for these kids.

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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