Ayurvedic Guide for Winter Season

by Gargi Harjai November 11, 2021

ayurvedic guide for winter season

As the fall season subsides, the winter season is approaching with a cold breeze of dormancy and slumber. This is the season we can take time for ourselves and redirect our own energies. A time to reflect, hibernate, rest, hold space, with-draw and vision some of our outwardly focused energy to ourselves.


Each season, be it summer, winter, spring or fall has unique charms and settings which can either pacify or aggravate a person. Depending on our tridoshas, different seasons can affect two different people in dramatically different ways, in accordance to our inner workings.


While some people love the warm sunshine in summers, others hate it and some people love the snow and colder seasons, others find it exceptionally hard to live with. This can happen due to “Vikruti” (imbalance in dosha) of a person. So, here is a small guide to make your winters happy and healthy. 


Ayurveda has a system specifically for seasonal living, called ‘Ritucharya’ which translates to ‘season regimen’. Following this regimen will ensure you live a healthier lifestyle during the season. Ayurveda recognizes winter as a “Kapha season” with strong undertones of “Vata”.


Winter is associated with lethargy in animals, they go into hibernation or get lazy. Ever wondered why it is so difficult to get out of those blankets? Yes, because these are characteristics of “kapha dosha” and its “Kapha season”.


· Take rest- Since nights are longer in winters, we recommend sleeping early and wake up around 7 A.M. while getting plenty of rest.


· Exercise- We experience lethargy and inertia to get up but exercising on a scheduled time can give the body a stimulation, choosing time of exercise differs according to your comfort level.


· Drink hot beverages- We should avoid cold beverages, Cold food, or frozen foods during winters. It can have an adverse effect on our immunity which may result in diseases. Having warm, cooked food and hot beverages can help balance our Kapha.


· Choose Sweet, Sour or Salty foods- In winters, Ayurveda recommends having sweet, salty or sour rasa (tastes) in our food instead of pungent, bitter or astringent tastes in food.



Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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