Catholic Teachings and Yoga- spiritual journey of Catholicism towards Yoga

by Gargi Harjai October 27, 2021

Catholic teachings and Yoga- Spiritual journey of Catholicism towards Yoga

Yoga is originally an eastern practice which started reaching all over the world due to its benefits and amazing effects. However, is it accepted by all? 

Yoga is associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism from its very roots, but what about other religions? Do they accept yoga as a religious practice or is it just a form of exercise for them? Let's talk aboutChristianity religion and yoga. 

Christianity/Catholicism is the world's largest religion followed by billions of people all over the world, so what is their stand on yoga? Traditionally, theVatican studies suggest that yoga is not accepted by the catholic religion and is considered a sin. Connecting oneself to mother nature is intrinsically against Christianity. Opening our soul and mind and connecting to the inner world could bring in temptations and hidden thoughts that could let the evil/Satan in, and due to which yoga is considered dangerous in Christian religion. 

It is believed that yoga opens up the gates to becoming one with the god. To make Jivatma and Paramatma one and experience god within oneself. However, overtime many Christians have looked at yoga as a way to connect with the god of their own religion. Changing "Surya-namaskar" (sun-salutations) into "son-salutation" and pranayama as a way of breathing in the "holy-spirit". This blending of yoga's original Hindu beliefs and Christian beliefs has led many Christian believers into yoga, and they found themselves benefiting more physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

What are your views about Catholics accepting yoga? 

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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