Nada Yoga- Union through Sound

by Gargi Harjai November 30, 2021

nada yoga- union through sound

“From human DNA to bacteria and worms, from the Earth to solar systems and distant galaxies and from the newborn stars to the black holes, everything has its own sound and music.” – The Nāda Yoga School in Rishikesh


Yoga is one of the most versatile styles of exercise, and Nada Yoga adds the level of spirituality and mindfulness to this practice. Nada Yoga incorporates vibrations and sound, which helps to focus body energy and establish a connection with the universe.


“Nada Yoga”, meaning “Union through sound” is also worldly known as “Yoga of Sound”. Nada Yoga is an ancient and traditional form of Yoga that is widely known. It is also one of the most easy, simple and non-straining forms of yogic practice. “Sound Yoga” or “Nada yoga” is considered part of ‘Jivamukti Yoga’, which is the most spiritually deep and holiest style of yoga.



Nada yoga has been rejuvenated recently into the forefront of yoga traditions. This style of yoga stems from the belief that everything in the universe vibrates and was created from pure vibrations. Nada yoga is further divided into two categories: internal music called ‘Anahata’ (silent vibrations of the self) and external music called ‘Ahata’.


Anahata nada is the cosmic sound, widely known as “white-noise” that is present everywhere and Ahata nada is the name given to external music, music of nature, animals, wind, etc. one can also practice Ahata nada yoga, by selecting some soft and calming music while performing meditation.


Practice of Nada yoga provides a relief from anxiety, stress and tension that one might will freshen you day and make you feel free. There are several benefits of Nada yoga, such as


·         It enhances the subconscious mind


·         It relaxes the body, mind, and soul


·         It can improve your concentration level.


·         It increases cognitive and thinking capacity.


·         It reduces anxiety, fear and aggression.


·         It rejuvenates your senses and helps you concentrate better in life.



Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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