Shubho Navratri - Pratipada

by Gargi Harjai November 20, 2021

shubho navratri - pratipada first day of navratras

Shubho Navratri 🙏

Navratri is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Nav’ meaning nine and ‘ratri’ meaning nights. It is celebrated for nine nights which worships nine different avatars of goddess Durga namely Brahmacharini, Shailputri, Kushmanda, Chandraghanta, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Skandamata, Siddhidatri and Mahagauri.
This Navratri is known as Sharada Navratri named after the ‘Sharath ritu’ known as ‘autumn season’.

 It is considered one of the most auspicious times of the year, where all the positive and beneficial things can happen. On this first night of Durga puja Bengalis celebrate the welcoming of Goddess Durga.  

On this first day of Navaratri, known as pratipada, we pray to shailputri( daughter of mountain). She is a direct incarnation of goddess Kali. 

The colour of this day is considered to be grey representing vigor and action. This day signifies the journey of Goddess Durga’s journey from Kailash to earth. We should present desi ghee today to goddess Shailputri. 
She gives blessing to all beings on the earth and ends the suffering for all. 
Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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