Shubho Navratri - Tritiya and Chaturthi

by Gargi Harjai November 23, 2021

Shubho navratri, happy navratri

Worshipping Chandraghanta Devi and Goddess KushManda- incarnation of married Parvati Ji
This year, tritiya and chaturthi fall on the same day according to hindu calendar. Thus, we will celebrate the incarnation of Chandraghanta Devi and Kushmanda Devi today. 

On the third day of Navratri, we worship Goddess Chandraghanta, who is an incarnation of Parvati’s married self. She is named Chandraghanta because after marrying Lord Shiva, she is adorned with half moon (ardha-chandra) on her forehead. Which is symbolic of her bravery and embodiment of beauty. She also symbolizes justice and strength.

Chandraghanta is fierce and has ten arms, all of which carry weapons. She also has a third eye, which can see evil. The color for today is white, which can pep up everyone’s mood and is a vivacious color. We can offer sweets made from milk, such as kheer, milk cake, etc. on this day. 

On the fourth day of Navratri also called Chaturthi in Hindu calendar, we worship goddess KushManda. KushManda Devi is believed to be the creator of the universe, she had the power of creation of vegetation on earth. She created food and plants, thus, making a survival means for all beings.

She is seen sitting on a tiger with eight arms, out of which seven carry weapons which are life threatening, while one carries a rosary. We should offer her Malpua, a traditional sweet dish. Color of the day is red, and we should offer red flowers at her feet during the pooja/aarti.
Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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