Kartika month : lord krishna

Kartika Month : Lord Krishna's Dearest Month

November 30, 2021

Lord Krishna says, “of all plants, the sacred Tulsi is the most dear to me, of all months, Kartik is most dear to me” (Padma Purna, 112.3 ). Kartik month is exceptionally special for Lord Krishna as this month epitomizes Goddess Radha, dearest of Lord Krishna.
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sindur khela

Sindur Khela

November 29, 2021

On the day of Vijay Dashami, the last day of the festival, Durga Mata is bid adieu and the Ghat Visarjan (immersion of idol of Durga) is done, which is symbolic to the ending of rituals and festivals.
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ramlila- longest running opera in human history

Ramlila- The longest running Opera in Human history

November 29, 2021

 A play on Lord Rama’s life is based on Ramacharitmanas, which was composed by Tulsidas Ji in the 16th century. He translated Ramayana in Hindi, which was originally written in Sanskrit and made this epic accessible to everyone.

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concept of kundalini

Yoga Yajnavalkya - A Classical Yoga text

November 29, 2021

The renowned sage Yajnavalkya was aware that he was the most knowledgeable out of all the sages , as he had mastered the art of Kundalini Yoga. He ordered his disciple to take cows to his home, this infuriated the crowd, since without any debate he was taking the prize. Everyone was infuriated, but couldn’t come up as they were in doubt, but 8 scholars stood up to him. Out of those eight scholars, Gargi, the only woman. Gargi was the only female in the gathering of the learned.
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animal sacrifice during navratras

Animal Sacrifice during Navratras

November 24, 2021

In Hindu religion, sacrificing animals is not common and especially during this religious festival, many people find sacrificing animals’ rituals a hard- to- believe concept. However, this practice happens in different states, in different ways.
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Shubho Navratri - happy navratri

Shubho Navratri- Panchami

November 23, 2021

Color of the day is royal blue to mark the strength of a mother when it comes to the safety of her child. How she can form thunderstorms and high waves to protect her child from danger. She is depicted with four arms with a baby in her arms.
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