Trending Yoga Styles in 2021

by Gargi Harjai November 29, 2021

trending yoga styles in 2021

Yoga is a timeless practice and has been continued for over 5000 years without any changes. But, as it is introduced worldwide and becoming more famous, people experiment with it and form different styles. These trends are not traditional, but give you a fresh experience, one you haven't experienced yet.
So, we handpicked some of the trends of yoga which are being followed in 2021 and can help you freshen up your yoga routine.
1. Broga- This name is short for brother-yoga. Yoga is currently dominated by females, being 70% and only 30% of men practice yoga. This made a stereotype that yoga is a feminine kind of exercise which is better for women. This kind of stereotype made men practicing yoga conscious. So, Broga is a particular session of men doing yoga together and meeting with other brothers interested in the same field. What could be better than making friends and exercising together?
2. Yoga HIIT- This particular yoga includes practicing yoga asanas, and dynamic poses with a series of short sharp bursts of HIIT. This yoga is intense and fast, unlike the traditional yoga. In traditional yoga, we are supposed to hold our poses and feel our breaths, however in HIIT yoga we do a series of poses without stopping or holding poses. Move continuously and sweat a lot, we do not have to go to the gym now, because HIIT yoga sessions work for both body and mind.
3. HYBRID Yoga- During this kind of yoga session we combine yoga with other forms of exercises such as CrossFit, Pilates, aerial, acrobatics, etc. These exercises are combined with yoga and make it very exciting. This is done for experiencing two things in one go and brings out a fun vibe. Creating new challenges each day combined with the challenge of posing? A fun and challenging way of exercising, giving new experiences, members would never get bored or skip a day.
Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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