World Food Day : Ayurvedic Food Habits

by Gargi Harjai November 29, 2021

world food day ayurvedic food habits

World food day is celebrated every year on 16th October to commemorate the formation of FAO (food and agriculture organization) of the United nations. This day is celebrated to bring forward the ideas of eradicating starvation from the world and tackling global hunger.

Nearly 1 billion people are starving and dying from hunger on this planet. This is a very saddening truth one tends to avoid. On this day, we want to help you be grateful for the food you have and give tips on how to make changes in your daily lives and avoid the food crisis. We can help millions of people by following a few steps in your diet.

1. Start eating vegetarian food. – Practice of non-violence, meaning one living being should not harm another. We spray pesticides and kill lands, and soil fertility. We kill animals, we take over forests. This is leading to a non-balance in nature. Ultimately, leading to a food crisis. Ayurvedic diet favors eating fresh fruit, organic vegetables, whole grains, these are not only included because of their nutritional values but because they are good internal cleansers. They help you become calm and happy.

2. Eliminate distractions while eating- In today’s day scientific advancements have taken a huge step and people tend to multitask with these advancements. Such as television, phone, returning calls, working for the office. This kind of eating habit is not healthy for our body, mind or soul. According to Ayurveda, mealtime is to connect with the food you eat, and inherent energy from it. To be aware of the colors, taste, smell of food and connect with air, sunshine, soil, earth which came together to create food combining their energy.

3. opt for organic food- According to Ayurveda we should try opting for the Sattvic diet. The sattvic diet includes light food, seasonal food, dairy products, fruits, nuts, seed, oil. This diet emphasizes eating organic food, which means one should avoid eating stored food, canned food. Normal foods contain many chemicals and this leads to many health problems.
Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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