Yoga Asanas named after Deities

by Gargi Harjai November 18, 2021

yoga asanas named after deities

Hinduism and yoga practice has been going hand in hand for around 5000 years now and so it is proven by some of the names of asanas which are named after Hindu deities. Such as-

Virbhadra (II) asana
When lord Shiva’s wife sati died, lord shiva was enraged and wanted to take revenge. He then took out locks of his hair which led to the birth of goddess Kali and Lord Virbhadra (son of Shiva). Virbhadra was not just a killer but a destroyer of ego. He was able to see everything going around him during the battle, but only harmed their egoistic sides. Thus, this asana is named after him, it connects us with a warrior mind, where we can see all rotating our neck at 360 degrees but keeping our center. It helps increase balance on all levels, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Hanuman asana
Lord Hanuman was always dedicated towards God Ram and Goddess Sita. He fought a battle against Ravana with them and was the best disciple. He is the best representation of dedication and power. Even after being asked by God Ram what he wanted as a gift, he asked him to continue serving Ram and Sita. He had an ability to jump through great distances and to extend himself, that’s why this asana where you have to extend yourself and take a huge leap with dedication is named after him.

Matsyendrasana Asana
Matseyendra asana is also known as Lord of the fishes pose. It is named after the disciple of lord shiva and one of the first yogi. It is derived from the Sanskrit language "paripurna matsyendra'' meaning "perfected matsyendra'. Matseyendranath was one of the founders of Hatha Yoga. Thus, this pose was dedicated to him. This pose is believed to destroy many diseases and was cover of one the historic book 'yogasopana purvacatuska'.

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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