Yoga Asanas To Improve Blood Circulation

by Gargi Harjai November 17, 2021

Yoga asanas to improve blood circulation

Movement and exercise are keys to wellness and health on many levels, including circulatory health. Yoga is one of the most accessible types of exercise forms, it has low impact comparatively and can be done on many different levels, easier to harder. It is one of the best exercises for improving poor circulation.


Poor circulation can be caused due to multiple reasons, such as, sitting for a prolonged period of time, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. This causes many problems such as, numbness, swelling, cramps, breakouts, hair fall, dark circles, etc.


Luckily, yoga is an easy way to combat these issues and here are a few basic level asanas to help you out.


1. Tadasana – Also known as Mountain pose, is a classic posture which acts as a foundation to all the other standing yoga poses. Even though it is very simple to do, it has numerous numbers of benefits. It can help you improve posture, muscles imbalances, improve flexibility, and build strength. It helps you relieve sciatic pain, boost blood circulation and tone core muscles.


2. Adho Mukha Svanasana- Also known as Downward Facing Dog, this posture is one of the most widely known postures. It is an inversion asana where the hamstrings and calves’ muscles are given a great stretch. It also builds strength in shoulders and rejuvenates the body overall. It can particularly help you increase blood circulation towards your head and heart.


3. Vajrasna – when we sit for a prolonged period of time on our desks, or when we feel lethargic in a sedentary manner, it is implied that our blood isn’t reaching the digestive organs as much as it requires. Sitting in vajrasana allows a good blood circulation and provides blood to the kidney, liver, intestines, pancreas and stomach. This asana can help you aid stomach diseases, keep the mind calm and centerd, strengthen the lower back, improve digestion and lose weight.



4. Paschimmotanasana – Also known as Forward- Bend pose , is one of the easiest and most important asanas to include in a regimen. Paschimmotanasana has many benefits which include improving the digestive system, strengthening the lower back, strengthening calf and thigh muscles, improving cardiovascular health, and most importantly improving blood circulation. Paschimmotanasana helps open up the chest, which in turn helps improve blood circulation.



Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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