Yoga for Mental Health : Yoga Therapy

by Gargi Harjai October 30, 2021

Yoga for Mental Health- Yoga Therapy

Yoga is now accepted as one of the healthiest exercise forms because of the benefits that not only work for your physical fitness but also mental fitness. Yoga has proven to help with PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia and many other diseases.

 Yoga therapy is now being accepted widely and psychiatrists can detect the positive change in the person following yoga regularly. Yoga exercises and sessions lead a person to connect with themselves, their body, their soul and their mind. This path to self-discovery often leads the person to a relaxed state of mind.

In order to achieve this, it takes a few exercises such as holding poses, pranayama (breathing exercise), meditation as well as guided imagery for peace of mind. When performing all these in a combination daily, our mind reaches a place called the higher realm.

Pranayama helps increase patience in a person. Thus, giving a person a better way of handling things rather than being frustrated or angry. All the negative energy is breathed out while all the positive energy comes inside us. Angry outbursts, panic attacks, anxiety attacks are avoided when you reach a sense of inner balance.

Sukhasana: when sitting in a relaxed position one can imagine sitting in their safe space while reciting a mantra which calms them down, this can lead to relaxation of mind and helps instantly to deal with panic attacks.

Savasana: This asana might look easy, but it requires concentration and freeing yourself of negative thoughts. All the consumed energy is gained back while performing this asana. Support from being grounded and lying down on the back makes you free your mind.


Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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