Yoga poses that helps in Opening Heart

by Gargi Harjai October 30, 2021

Heart opening Yoga poses

Oftentimes, we forget that our heart and chest is a part of the body which also needs exercise, but the practice of heart opening postures is truly a life changing practice.

Physically opening up your chest and heart can help you relieve pain from shoulders and neck, it can be very effective in improving posture and giving our body a blissful time with better breathing.

If you are suffering from bad posture, or have to work on laptops, sitting at a desk for long hours, heart-opener poses are going to give you a de-stressing and energizing experience. You will instantly feel more connected to the world around you and release anxieties bottling up inside you.

So, we have decided to drop some heart opening poses to try below-

1) Sphinx pose- Salambh Bhujangasana, commonly known as Sphinx pose, is an excellent posture for heart opening. It is a gentle back bending pose for beginner level students. It focuses on improving lower back pain, opening up your chest, and working on arms muscles.

2) Camel pose- Ustrasana/Ushtrasana, commonly known as Camel pose, can be a little tricky, but variation with a single hand(ardha-Ushtrasana/ half-camel pose) can make the process simple. This asana focuses on “Anahata '', heart chakra. While back bending is essential to the pose, you can feel your chest lifting up high, towards the ceiling/sky. Regular practice of this pose can also help in Thyroid issues.

3) Corpse pose- Savasana, while looking the easiest asana, this pose is the most difficult to achieve. After a session of heart openers, this posture is a must-do in any yoga practice. While supporting your back and shoulders, the chest/heart continues to open with deep, relaxing breathing. While breathing, we are more aware of our heart opening, and relaxes our back, after a back bending session.

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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