What to do for Common Pregnancy Problems? Ayurveda has answers!

by Akchayaa Rajkumar August 03, 2020

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Pregnancy is a joyous occasion in any expecting mother’s life. The arrival of a new life into a family is worthy of celebration. But pregnancy is not always a bed of roses. This exciting period can be emotionally and physically taxing for the expecting mother because her body undergoes a multitude of changes that can be difficult to cope with. Apart from this, she might also face bodily problems that are unique to pregnancy like morning sickness, cramping, swelling of ankles, and so on, which might increase the discomfort she experiences.Revalsar pregnancy yoga

To minimize the occurrence of these problems, an expecting mother can always resort to Ayurveda because there is absolutely no risk of side effects. Apart from that, most Ayurvedic cures and solutions focus not just on the problem at hand but can also boost the immunity of the person taking them. However, it is always advised to consult one’s physician and follow these remedies only after receiving their approval.    

Listed here are some common issues faced by women in the course of their pregnancy:

  1. Morning Sickness – According to Ayurveda, morning sickness in pregnant women is caused due to the aggravation of vata which results in the air within the body moving in the wrong directions. Dauhidra (food cravings during pregnancy) must be satisfied, failing which a pregnant woman can face morning sickness. Tips to reduce morning sickness:tea revalsar
  • Drinking tea infused with ginger every morning throughout your pregnancy.
  • Mint can be used to prevent nausea. Pregnant women can either chew fresh mint leaves or include them in teas. 
  • One teaspoon of lemon must be added to coconut water and can be consumed in intervals of fifteen minutes. 
  • Add one drop of rose water to milk and boil it. Consuming this warm milk, especially before bed, can minimize nausea and pacify one’s pitta.
    1. Constipation – This is a common ailment in some women during the early stages of pregnancy. Constipation in pregnant women is usually caused due to change in hormonal levels and pressure from the uterus which makes bowel movement difficult as the fetus grows. Some ways to avoid being constipated during pregnancy are:
    • A diet that balances the vata is key. Pregnant women must avoid cold food and drinks and dried fruit. Instead, they can consume freshly cooked vegetables and warm food and beverages. 
    • One or two teaspoons of ghee along with a glass of warm milk before bedtime every day can help prevent constipation. 
    • Figs or anjeer soaked in warm water can be consumed every day and will help in curing constipation as it is rich in fibers. 
    • Physical activity for half an hour everyday helps in regulating bowel movement. Pregnant women can practice prenatal yoga exercises that can be done, after getting approval from their doctors. 
    1. Cramps  – A sharp pain in one’s legs during pregnancy, especially in the night-time, is a common occurrence. This usually happens because the growing uterus needs extra support and when the mother’s legs are unable to provide that, it results in cramping. This might also be a result of a deficiency in calcium and/or potassium. However, if the pain is extremely high and/or the ankles are red or swollen, it is advised to consult one’s doctor. Some remedies to relieve cramps are:
    • Massaging one’s foot with moderate pressure for about three minutes using herbal oils like Lakshadi tailaMasha taila, and Ksheerabala taila can come in handy.
    • Food items like banana and milk must be consumed regularly to ensure that the body has sufficient levels of potassium and calcium. 
    • Stretching one’s legs and rotating their ankles is important to help to avoid cramps.
      1. Dizziness – This problem is common during early pregnancy and is caused due to low blood sugar levels and/or an increase in progesterone in the body. Over time, a pregnant woman’s body produces more fluids to accommodate the growing fetus and this might also be a reason for dizziness. Tips to prevent dizziness in pregnant women:pregnant woman revalsar
      • Eat small amounts of food between short intervals to ensure that blood sugar levels remain high. It is advised to avoid foods with high sugar content but eats something like bananas or almonds. 
      • It is important to keep hydrating oneself frequently but avoid caffeine whenever possible. Water and fruit juices can be taken, instead. 
      • Iron-rich food like leafy greens and red meat must be consumed to ensure that the expecting mother does not become anemic.

      Following these measures will help avoid some common problems faced during this pregnancy. However, if these ailments become too severe, it is always advised to seek medical attention to ensure that there is no harm to the mother and the baby. Being pregnant might not be an easy task or always pleasant but one must take all possible measures to ensure that the expecting mother is comfortable and in a safe environment.

      Akchayaa Rajkumar
      Akchayaa Rajkumar

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