Best Pre-Natal Yoga for Different Trimesters

by Shinjini Guha January 17, 2021

Best Pre-Natal Yoga for Different Trimesters

Pre-natal yoga is a significant part of a healthy pregnancy. It not only benefits the unborn but also helps the expectant mother to cope with her changing body, relaxes her and prepares her for childbirth. However, pregnant ladies must be cautious while doing prenatal yoga as their body needs to be treated with greater care and sensitivity. Expecting mothers should also pay attention to their body in different trimesters and practice yoga accordingly.


Here are some best pre-natal yoga poses that can be practiced in various trimesters:

First trimester:

This is the trimester where one is still getting used to the vast changes in their body so utmost care and precaution needs to be taken.

  • Tadasana (the mountain pose) is one asana that can be practiced during this time. This asana is the basic pose for all standing asanas and inversions. Performing this yoga helps in strengthening the spine and relieves one from back pain. 
  • Marjariasana (the cat pose)is another asana that can be performed during the first trimester. This asana is said to improve blood circulation and also strengthen shoulder and wrists. However, it not advised to practice this yoga after 26 weeks because it involves bending down to be on one’s knees. 
  • Uttanasana (stand forward and bend pose)is an exception to forward bending yoga asanas which are not usually advisable during pregnancy. This yoga pose helps in strengthening one’s legs and back. 

Second trimester:

In this trimester, the baby goes larger and stronger which results in the ability to experience the movement of the baby. There is an increase in appetite as well, during this period. 

  • Virbhadrasana (the warrior pose)is an asana that can be practiced during the second trimester. This asana not only strengthens the entire body but also relieves the mother of body aches and fatigue that are common throughout this trimester.
  • Vajrasana (the thunderbolt pose)is an asana that helps in solving digestive problems. Performing this yoga also strengthens the pelvic muscles which helps during the process of labor. 
  • Utthanasan (the squat and rise pose)ensures that the mid-back, thighs, uterus and ankles are exercised and strengthens the muscles that might be strained due to weight gain. Since the uterus is exercised, this asana aids the delivery process. 

Third trimester:

During this trimester, the baby grows even more and the bones, hair, skin and nails and the digestive system of the baby begins to develop. Around the 34th week, the baby will turn southwards where the head of the baby is down. 

  • Pranayam (breathing exercise)helps relax and concentrate on the flow of breathing. This also aids in the release of oxytocin which helps in the delivery process and practising this yoga can help in the cognitive development of the baby. 
  • Trikonasana (the triangle pose)helps prevent digestive troubles during pregnancy and improved flexibility of the hips which eases the delivery process. 
  • Upavistha Konasana (wide angle-seated forward bend)helps in relieving lower back pain and opens up the hip joints and releasing the lumbar spine, thereby preparing the body for delivery. 


These are the yoga asanas that can be practiced during the various trimesters. However, it is important to get medical or expert opinion before beginning pre-natal yoga. One must also stay hydrated and practice in a ventilated space and be cautious about what poses to practice and what to avoid. Performing the right postures helps the mother and the child in a long way during pregnancy and labor. 

Shinjini Guha
Shinjini Guha

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