How to Boost Immunity During Pregnancy? The Answer is Ayurveda!

by Akchayaa Rajkumar August 03, 2020

How to Boost Immunity During Pregnancy? The Answer is Ayurveda!

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling for expectant mothers as they gear up to bring a new, little member into their homes and families. Despite all the excitement and joy, there is some level of anxiety for the mother because she has to ensure that she and the child are healthy and there will be no complications during her childbirth. It is also a vulnerable period for the mother because she has to adapt to the numerous changes both physical and emotional.Pregnancy oil revalsar

The mother's body might be prone to diseases if her immunity is low and that is a risky situation to be in especially during the first trimester. Boosting the immunity of the mother is an important part of pregnancy because the mother’s health is reflected in the development of the unborn child.

Luckily, Ayurveda has a set of tips that pregnant mothers can use to improve their immunity.

A word of caution to those who wish to follow these tips – it is important to consult your doctor before undertaking Ayurvedic supplements and food regimes. Be aware of your allergies and ensure that the Ayurvedic products you use do not contain potential allergens.

If your doctor gives the approval, the following tips and practices can be used to boost your immunity during pregnancy:

  • Food –The vata of the pregnant mother must be in balance during this period and to do so, a dietary regime prescribed by Ayurveda can be followed through all trimesters and even during the post-natal period, with minor changes. Try to avoid any kind of processed food during this period and eat healthy, fresh vegetables and meat (for non-vegetarians) instead. Even the cooked food must be prepared using fresh oil and/or ghee. Leftovers must be avoided at any cost. Calcium-rich food must be consumed to strengthen the mother’s so that there are no complications during childbirth.
  • Mental health– If the surrounding of the pregnant woman is filled with negative emotions, it begins to affect her as well and she begins to harbor similar feelings. Being mentally drained or emotionally unwell during pregnancy can harm the health of the mother and the child. Meditating every day can help the pregnant woman remain calm and be able to surround herself with positive emotions. Pregnant women must also take care to ensure that they are not watching/reading/listening to content that might make them sad or disturb their mental peace.
  • Physical activity– After seeking approval from your doctor, pregnant women can do physical activity for at least half an hour every day. There are certain types of yoga that pregnant women can do to improve their health and promotes the healthy development of the unborn baby. It ranges from simple breathing exercises to aasanas with slight movement. Apart from strengthening the mother’s body, prenatal yoga aids in relatively easier childbirth by preparing the pelvic floor of the mother.

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  • Herbs– Ayurveda’s food supplements depend on natural products almost always and herbs have been an important component of this age-old practice. During pregnancy as well, it is important to use herbs in the form of teas or concoctions to improve the immunity of the mother and the baby after getting the doctor’s approval. Common herbs that are used during pregnancy are:
  1. Amla – This is a fruit that has numerous health benefits. They are rich in iron and vitamin C and act as a good detoxifying agent for the entire body. Consuming this during pregnancy ensures that the mother’s doshas are in balance and prevent any indigestion problems which are a common complaint among expecting oil revalsar
  2. Turmeric – It is important to note that turmeric can be consumed by pregnant women in nominal quantities when added with food or milk. Consuming them in large quantities can put the mother at risk. Turmeric is one of the most popular Indian herbs and is a common antibacterial agent. During pregnancy, turmeric can help in regulating blood sugar levels and help to prevent indigestion.
  3. Ashwagandha – Another popular herb in India, this must also be consumed in small quantities by pregnant women. This helps to prevent fatigue in pregnant women and can even strengthen the unborn baby.

The immunity of the mother is of utmost concern during pregnancy and must not be compromised at any cost. Like mentioned earlier, it is always important to consult your doctor before undertaking any Ayurvedic cures, and if they approve, you must consult a practicing Ayurveda doctor. This ensures that there is no risk to the health and well-being of the mother and child.

Happy pregnancy!

Akchayaa Rajkumar
Akchayaa Rajkumar

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