Garibhini Paricharya : Pranayama for the development of the Fetus

by Gargi Harjai November 09, 2021

Pranayama for the development of the Fetus

Pranayama is a technique used to control the flow and circulation of life currents through Yogic breathing. It teaches one to improve breathing and increase the circulation of oxygen within the body.

Pranayama derives from the Sanskrit words, ‘Prana’ meaning ‘life’, ‘energy’, and ‘Amaya’ meaning ‘control of this life/energy’. It allows the practitioner to be aware of their breathing, increase mindfulness and improve their quality of life. It promotes a calmer body and mind with rich oxygenation of blood.

During pregnancy, especially at an early stage, the body releases adrenaline due to anxiety, stress which mother’s experience. This can delay the release of oxytocin, a compound which can help during the process of delivery.

With Pranayama, one can relax, negate negative energy, and increase the release of oxytocin which can help during labour. It can make the process of giving birth easier and less painful. It also helps in overall wellness of the body and copes with the body ache by relaxing the whole body.

It has multiple benefits which aren’t limited to the mother, if one practices pranayama the supply of oxygen increases overall and the fetus in the womb receives fresh oxygen and nutrients. This rich supply of oxygen can help in the overall development of the baby, both Cognitive and physical. It further generates Positive hormones which can lead to the baby being calmer and gentle.

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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