Story of Dr Aparna -A Woman from Kerala who is treating patients World-Wide

by Gargi Harjai November 21, 2021

A woman from Kerala who is treating patients world-wide

Revalsar Sunday Stories - Edition #24 with Dr.Aparna

“ A Woman from Kerala who is treating patients world-wide“

I was born into an Ayurveda family which operates a traditional Ayurveda panchakarma hospital in Kerala, India. I grew up under the guidance of my father and mentor, Dr. Padmanabhan who is an award-winning Ayurveda doctor and has an experience of over 40 years.
Being born into an Ayurveda family, I grew up practicing Ayurveda and I never knew those were Ayurveda practices until I joined my formal Ayurveda medical school. I thought this was the way everyone lives and grows up.

Looking back, it was the best way to grow up. Eating right, and knowing how to listen to what the body needs and what is best for the mind is a blessing. I was initiated into yoga at the age of 15 through the Art of Living program and it was a double blessing. Yoga and Ayurveda are my strongest armours.

I have presented research papers in Ayurveda nationally and internationally. I am the cofounder of Vaidya Ayurveda USA, Medical director Purnayoo Arogya Nikethanam, Wayanad Kerala and Advisor, One World Ayurveda, Bali, Indonesia and have treated patients from more than 60 countries.


I have completed a12 year- long study in Ayurveda completing graduation, post-graduation and PhD in Ayurveda. ( BAMS, MD and PhD). I was also presented with the ‘Jivaka Award’ for an outstanding performance in Academics.

Ayurveda is transforming the lives of many and I feel fortunate to put it into right use to my patients. I help many patients to understand about themselves and help to develop a mind-body awareness through yoga and Ayurveda thereby empowering them. Many times, medicine makes patients dependent. But I feel with Ayurveda and yoga I empower them.


Yoga has personally helped me to understand the tendencies of my Mind and helps me to slow down and relax. Meditations and chanting have immensely helped me to maintain my energy levels in a very demanding and busy schedule.

“If you are seeking inner wellness, Yoga and Ayurveda is for you. Ayurveda and yoga help to trigger the healing energy within you and it will help you to understand yourself and others better.”

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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