"It is all about developing inner intelligence"— Dr. Varalakshmi (Sunday Stories 6th Edition)

by Shinjini Guha December 24, 2020

"I had never even heard of Ayurveda till I was 16 years old. During my teenage years, I used to suffer from gut issues and hormonal problems. Having tried several modern medicines for months and having no luck at finding a relief, my father took me to an Ayurvedic doctor. After trying the medicine advised by the Ayurveda doctor, I started to feel better and ended up working with him for a summer. Later, as fate would have it, I did my degree in Ayurvedic medicine. 

I’d hadn’t heard of Ayurveda before that day and didn’t exactly believe what that ayurvedic doctor had advised me at first, but because I was so desperate with my health, I chose to follow everything he advised. Slowly, most of my gut and hormonal issues were gone and I became a healthier version of myself.

As a Vata soul, I was curious to understand some of the things from my first encounter with him like why he checked my pulse in a weird manner, why he was so interested to know what I ate for dinner and that eventually made me pursue Ayurveda. While, it may take a lifetime to master this ancient wisdom, I feel the same enthusiasm to learn and practice Ayurveda as 15 years ago. 

One of the core principles of Ayurveda includes developing a deep connection with your mind and body. Before, you start diving into the concept of mind-body types and diet charts, I advise you to take time to include simple daily rituals into your routine. Create a sustainable routine, that involves daily self-care. Ayurveda emphasizes a great deal on the daily regimen and seasonal regimen. Because it is not just diet but also lifestyle that is of utmost importance to maintain wellbeing. 

In a world full of doing, doing, doing. It’s important to take a moment to just breathe to just be.

I recommend paying attention to your mind-body whether you ate pizza or a spicy curry how does it make you feel afterward? Why you end up eating a box of chocolate at midnight? Is it to satisfy your hunger or emotions?

Ayurveda teaches you how to make a conscious choice that benefits both your mind and body. It is all about developing inner intelligence" 

Shinjini Guha
Shinjini Guha

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