"Something felt right, like I belonged here so I made the decision to pursue yoga as a career. "- Srishti Aswal

by Ananya Gupta February 21, 2022

Revalsar Sunday Stories, edition 37 with Srishti, @the_quiet_yogi

"My yoga journey started in 2017, after I got diagnosed with PCOD. I started practising yoga to maintain my constantly increasing weight, one of the symptoms of PCOD. 

Initially I was only practising the asanas and was familiar and understood only the physical aspect of yoga. With time my interest grew and I dove myself in understanding the philosophical aspect of it as well. Something felt right, like I belonged here so I made the decision to pursue yoga as a career. 

I completed my Masters in Yogic Sciences from the University of Patanjali and  also got 200hr RYT  at Yoga Alliance, USA. I am also a certified Kids yoga trainer and a certified Acupressure therapist. 

Yoga has provided me with not just one but multiple benefits, both physically and mentally. It has not only decreased my PCOD symptoms  but has helped me make my body healthier and keep my hormones better regulated. 

From working in marketing and finance and preparing for my competitive exams to pursuing teaching yoga as a full time career has had its ups and downs. Adjusting to a new lifestyle is always difficult but yoga has held me together through all of it. 

Through my practice, I further aim to spread awareness that yoga is not just some tedious exercise; it's much more than movements on the mat"

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta

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