"Yoga turned out to be a long lost friend, like the ones who are evergreen."- Chhavi Sahal

by Ananya Gupta December 26, 2021

Revalsar Sunday Stories #29 @chhavisahalyoga
“I started with my asana practice at the age of 11.Yoga was a part of my school curriculum and I was active in yoga competitions. At that time, Yoga was a routine that helped me stay fit. I realised its mental and spiritual benefits much later.

Fast forward to 2015, I was struggling to get into a medical college. After multiple failures, I took a break. My mental health was deteriorating, I was overweight and with no direction. I only turned to Yoga because I wanted to fill my time with a hobby. And how things changed.

Yoga turned out to be a long lost friend, like the ones who are evergreen. I was back on the mat and it felt like nothing had changed. It improved the quality of my days. I acknowledged how Yoga was a pivotal aspect of my life, it brought such discipline and mental clarity to my mind. Eventually I became a yoga instructor, the whole idea of giving that joy to others felt so wholesome.

Everything else I do, has become more conscious and I am more aware of my actions and experiences only because of Yoga. I believe that a person with a calm mind, clean gut and physically fit body can fulfill all her dreams and that’s exactly who I want to be.

It’s not like problems stopped occurring, life has been toppling just as much as before.But I’m able to deal with my challenges with more grace & sensitivity. I am more accepting of my own self.

For anyone wanting to take up yoga as a part of their routine and life I’d say, Understand your level of commitment and honor it. If you’re practicing for the sake of exploration, you’re likely to leave it after a while and that's actually okay. Don’t set unrealistic or incongruous standards of commitment, if they don’t match your actions, you’ll feel guilty.

Ask yourself why do you want to practice yoga? How much time and energy are you willing to commit to it? Set your personal rules/commitments accordingly and stick to them.

Prioritize consistency over intensity. Disciplined efforts are important for growth.Instead of practicing erratically at high intensities, put in a moderate amount of effort everyday.”

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta

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