Take Yoga Beyond the Mat and it will Never Leave You

by Gargi Harjai November 07, 2021

Take yoga beyond the mat and it will never leave you

Revalsar Sunday Stories - Edition #22 with thesattvicsoul

“My transformation from a shy-but-impulsive young girl to a confident, mindful woman."

My love and passion for Yoga started at the age of 12 years. Being a hard-core nature lover, I was fascinated with the different postures that are named after animals, birds and are in synchronicity with nature.

It is the beautiful philosophy of Yoga that introduces a balance and connects with our environment and our bodies. This made me embrace Yoga as a way of life. And there I was, a class 7th student attending Yoga classes every Sunday, without missing a single day!

As the first Yog Sutra of Patanjali says- अथ: योगानुशासनम्, which means Yoga is Discipline- that got instilled in me, which I intend to inculcate in the people I heal! 

As I grew older, I discovered that a lot of people around us need healing. They are emotionally, physically, professionally stuck in an environment that is too competitive. Yoga teaches us to heal ourselves and others. It is a way of life that breaks you free from an over-competitive spirit to a calmer and content you. 

With a lot of these learnings and with a passion to heal people and transform their lives, I have been working in the health and wellness industry for 14 years now. I went ahead and recently did my post-graduation in Yogic Science. 

From learning the origin of Yoga to today’s modern forms of Yoga, was indeed an insightful experience and I loved the journey.
Today, I help women of all age groups, embark on a journey of self-care, i.e., taking care of themselves nutritionally, emotionally, physically, professionally, and socially.

Yoga makes me feel complete! It made me a good listener, a compassionate healer, a dedicated wellness professional, and most importantly, a complete individual. 

After getting certified as a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and a Yogic Nutritionist, I founded 'The Sattvic Soul'- my online health coaching venture, I am living my dream of providing a holistic approach towards health and most importantly making lifestyle changes that become a way of life!

Advice for anybody who wants to follow the path of Yoga- “Take yoga beyond the mat and it will never ever leave you!” 
Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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