“ From an Engineer to Yoga teacher, my journey.” - Tania Bhattacharya

by Gargi Harjai November 29, 2021

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“ From an Engineer to Yoga teacher, my journey.”

I am Tania Bhattacharya, I'm a 500hr RYT yoga trainer and a Fitness influencer.
I'm born and brought up in Tripura and settled in Bangalore, India. Since childhood I was into sports, I have achieved National Achievement awards in the field of Swimming and Dancing.

So, sports have always been part of my lifestyle. However, I left doing exercises and was involved in my studies, but I constantly felt something was missing from my life. So, I restarted my fitness journey with Weight training in 2016. I reduced my weight from 80kgs to 64kgs, I was happy with my progress and was leading a healthy lifestyle working in a 9 to 7 IT job, as an engineer. Leading a juggling life between engineering and fitness.

But suddenly in 2019, I started getting multiple neck spasms every time I worked out, the pain used to be so much that I almost got paralysed from my neck to the trapezius region. Later, I was diagnosed with Slip disc Prolapse in my C4-C5 canal and doctors told me that "you can never lift weights again", and I was bed ridden for next 6 months. I was devastated, for someone who has always been active doing nothing is really depressing, You feel like the end of the path. 

Then one of my friends suggested , “It's okay if you are not able to do the weight training practice, why don't you try "Yoga ``''. That's when I got introduced to Yoga and started taking Yoga classes. The very first day I was skeptical to do any forms of exercises, "Will I be able to do Yoga?" was the question in my mind, but as days passed, I started to feel the changes in me, the inner me. Slowly, I gained the flexibility, the strength, and got better too.

It came like a boon to me, that changed my life, I left my engineering job to understand the aspects of yoga in detail, I completed , my 200hr training, then followed by my 500hr training, now I'm a Yoga teacher in a good organization. I have so many students who come up to me, I try to help them and instruct them using my own life experiences.

An advice that I would want to give is :-

Yoga Adds Years To Your Life And Life To Your Years.
Just Keep Practicing And Feel The Progress”

Gargi Harjai
Gargi Harjai

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