"Yoga keeps your body and mind happy"— Ankush Dhiman (Sunday Stories 8th Edition)

by Shinjini Guha December 24, 2020

"My parents inculcated this habit in me first, they practice yoga regularly and then we were taught yoga in school too. I have been practicing yoga since childhood, have participated and won various prizes in yoga championship at state level as well.

I am quite keen on doing things which require physical effort as well as brings peace of mind at the same time. Participating in sports in school was something I never missed, I was good in gymnastics, running as well, however Yoga is something which you can do anywhere without any special equipment etc and hence this habit stayed with me all the time.

Yoga keeps your body and mind light and happy, you are more aware of things you do in your daily life, for example, I don't follow any strict diet however I try to keep it balanced, if I will have a pizza today, I will go for a salad the next day. I stay aware of how my body is feeling, I keep my postures right while sitting or standing and it is not only the awareness on the physical level but also at the mental level.


I stay away from stress and always feel connected to the Universe, I feel grateful for all good things in my life and at time I also realize how things which is thought to be bad had a positive impact in my life in a longer run.

I would advise that whenever you start doing something, do it because you want to do it or you because you want to experience it before going for it wholeheartedly and not only because you have seen other people doing it, in short, take inspired actions."

Shinjini Guha
Shinjini Guha

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