Misconceptions About Yoga

by Ananya Gupta December 28, 2021

Misconceptions About Yoga

-Yoga belongs to one religion 

Human beings are made up of body, mind and the soul and yoga aims to bring that together irrespective of religion. What Yoga requires is true dedication and consistency and a particular belief system does not affect the practice.


-Yoga is only bodily postures 

Yoga is comprehensive. It is not about blindly following externally imposed rules; it is about finding your true Self and connecting with it.Yoga is not only about performing the asana perfectly but more about stability, mental and physical. 


-You should be flexible 

As one ages, body movements become more rigid. It is not necessary that one's body should be flexible to practice yoga.  Doing yoga is a combination of strength, balance, flexibility and concentration. 


-Yoga is only for young people 

Yoga is for everyone irrespective of age and gender. It just requires regular practice.Anybody can start practising at any age under the guidance of a teacher.People aged more than 60 years are also abled to perform complex Asanas ease and perfection.


-It is time-consuming 

One does not need to spend a lot of time.Giving 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes before going to bed to practice yoga is enough. Each session include 10 minutes of Asanas, 10 minutes of Pranayama and 10 minutes of meditation.


-Yoga means total lifestyle change 

Yoga definitely demands a change in one's lifestyle. However,  it does not mean you need to change your life from the root. The changes it demands are more related to one’s mindset regarding life than their daily habits.


Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta

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