Yoga for Stress Relief

by Ananya Gupta January 04, 2022

Yoga for Stress Relief

There’s nothing like calm and relaxation that can come following a yoga session.
One of the main reasons for upliftment in one's mood is that exercise increases serotonin levels in our brains. Serotonin is a hormone that makes us feel good.

Yoga takes a more calm and relaxed approach to fitness compared to other workout forms. Yoga along with increasing the level of serotonin in our body soothes us into a state of relaxation through asanas and breathing techniques.

This is why Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for a person going through depression or having anxiety.

Following are some of the most effective and easy asanas to relieve you of your stress and to get that serotonin pumping in your system.

-Adho Mukha Svanasana

While practicing these asanas concentrate on your breathings and see the results for yourself.

Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta

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